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Kristine Paulsen Photography

The Quick Survey

  • Name / Business Name: Kristine Paulsen / Kristine Paulsen Photography
  • Located in: Missoula, Montana
  • Started in: 2009
  • Status: (Full Time, Part Time, Hobbiest, etc) Full Time
  • Types of Photography: Wedding, Portrait and Editorial Photojournalism
  • Primary Camera / Favorite Lens: Canon 5d Mark ii and Canon 5d - fav lens: Canon 70-200 2.8
  • Interesting Personal Fact: I've been playing the piano for 20 years and love it!

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Short Bio - Word from the Photographer

I snapped my first photo with my mother's old manual Canon SLR at the tender young age of 9, and from the moment I saw the resulting print of a tree swallow frozen in flight, I was hooked. I'm a Montana-based photographer who still marvels at the way photos help us to slow down life's hectic ways and view the world in a new and interesting light. I truly delight in meeting and visiting the great variety of people and places this world has to offer us, and am honored to help document it. There's nothing quite as wonderful as being a photographer - it really gives you access to the most incredible people and, for me, makes this life pretty darn fantastic.

Word from the Author

I've particularly enjoyed looking through Kristine's work. She's a wonderful photographer and has a large portfolio with some unique work. I've chosen to highlight her Photojournalism work to mix things up here on the blog, but she does wedding work as well. Enjoy!

Kristine Paulsen/Daily Inter Lake A helicopter races water to the Chippy Creek Fire near Niarada Monday evening. The wildfire has officially burned 40,000 acres, but may now be the largest in the state after rapidly consuming more timber Monday evening.Kristine Paulsen/Daily Inter Lake Doug Scarff, assistant chief for the Smith Valley Volunteer Fire Department, and Loretta Merriman, incident commander for DNRC, speak with one another as a helicopter drops water to prevent the fire from spreading. The blaze, which was on Orchard Ridge Road in Kalispell, was on Matt Waatti's property.  No one was injured, and it was unclear how the fire started.

Joe Petosa holds one of Petosa Accordions' sale instruments in front of a wall of accordion relics, some of which were meticulously handcrafted by his grandfather, Carl Petosa, in the early 1920s. (Seattle Post-Intelligencer/Kristine Paulsen)

Kristine Paulsen/Daily Inter Lake Matt Patterson with Sandry Construction of Bigfork, left, speaks with another contractor Thursday afternoon at Going-to-the-Sun-Road in East Glacier.  Massive efforts have been made to repair the damage during last November's storm.

Kristine Paulsen/Daily Inter Lake Members of a Type 2 firefighting team out of Kennewick, Wash., march past evacuee Del Hoyt's truck into the Skyland Fire smoke surrounding Dog Gun Lake Tuesday afternoon.

Seattle Mariners Miguel Cairo holds off pitcher R.A Dickey as he takes out Detroit Tigers Curtis Granderson at first base during sixth inning action at Safeco Field in Seattle, Friday May 30, 2008. (Seattle Post-Intelligencer/Kristine Paulsen)

Kristine Paulsen/Daily Inter Lake Susan Fredericks riding Douglas clears a jump over a custom-carved wooden trout at the Event at Rebecca Farm Saturday. Fredericks was competing in the Open Intermediate level along with 17 other riders.Vester Marshall played for the Sonics in 1974 for one season. He now lives in Belltown, takes part in the local art scene, and teaches yoga. (Seattle Post-Intelligencer/Kristine Paulsen)

An A-10 Thunderbolt 2 "Warthog" and a P-51 Mustang fly a heritage flight over Lake Washington at Seafair, Sunday, August 3, 2008. (Seattle Post-Intelligencer/Kristine Paulsen)

Cory McClenathan heats up the raceway in his FRAM dragster Top Fuel car at Pacific Raceways in Kent during the last day of the NHRA Nationals. McClenathan won the heat with a time of 3.96 seconds at 276.52 miles per hour. (Seattle Post-Intelligencer/Kristine Paulsen)

Brandon Ramirez of Seattle gets creative on a dive into Colman pool at Lincoln Park as other swimmers ooh and ahh. (Seattle Post-Intelligencer/Kristine Paulsen)

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