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Sara Jarvie (Portrait)

The Quick Survey

  • Name / Business Name:  Sara Jarvie/ Jarvie Photography
  • Located in: Arizona
  • Started in: 1995 working with the Late Brett Crandell
  • Status: Part time
  • Types of Photography: Wedding, Portrait, and travel (landscapes and architecture)
  • Primary Camera / Favorite Lens: Canon 40D/ I have rediscovered the 50mm lens and love it!
  • Interesting Personal Fact: One of my favorite places is the MET in New York City. I have been 9 times, I go every time I go to New York.

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Short Bio (Word from photographer)

Art is one of my passions in life.

I admire and I am inspired by the creativity of others such as Michelangelo, Edouard Manet, Henry Moore and Dale Chilhuly.

As a photographer I feel that have the opportunity to create art… in my own unique way.

In addition to capturing the special moments in people’s lives I also enjoy taking pictures of places.

I have a goal to visit all 7 continents and as I do I will be taking pictures all along the way. Photography is so much a part of my life and it makes me very happy!

My Two Cents

Sara is my sister. She's been doing photographer for a lot longer than I have.

When I started getting interested in Photography back in 2005 we started talking all the time about it and supporting eachother.

We got our blogs around the same time and helped bounce ideas off eachother ever since then.

She's been very helpful and supportive.

She's now planning on starting up some photowalks and other learning experiences down in Arizona, so if you're interested get a hold of her.



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  1. Absolutely beautiful work!

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