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Shannon Kelley Photography

The Quick Survey

  • Name / Business Name: Shannon Kelley Photography
  • Located in: Knoxville, TN
  • Started in: 2007
  • Status: Full Time
  • Types of Photography: Weddings/Engagements...with a artsy twist:)
  • Primary Camera / Favorite Lens: Canon 5d, 17-40 L
  • Interesting Personal Fact: I'm a former missionary kid, I've been to over 20 countries (most of them third world) and want to one day be a full time missionary, I love cheese, I love summer and driving with the windows rolled down, we cloth diapered our little girl, I heart Asiago cheese bagels from Panera, I have a studio that is a community studio geared to help other photographers, my favorite place on this earth is Tonga, I need some beach time, I picture the world through a lens and am a believer that all things are beautiful, I love light and sun and how it hits this earth.  I'm Shannon:)

Main Site:

Short Bio: When I was younger my parents were missionaries.  We often lived in one room and had about 1 suitcase to our name.  We never bought much from the countries we lived in because of space, instead we took pictures and scrapbooked.  Memories will be out souvenirs is what we lived by.  That is how my love of photography began.  I saw the world through a lens and fell
in love with the world and capturing the beauty of it.

Even now, when I'm shooting weddings I live by that love.  The love to capture something unique and to show others how it was not only beautiful but full of emotion.  To me, photography is more than a job or a passion, its a necessity.  To capture memories that we look back on forever.  It's our heritage and legacy we leave.

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  1. way to go shannon!!! congrats and love the way you see the world :)

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