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Talyn Sherer Photography | Portrait Photography

The Quick Survey:

  • Name / Business Name: Talyn Sherer Photography
  • Located in: Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Started in: 2007
  • Status: (Full Time, Part Time, Hobbiest, etc): Part Time
  • Types of Photography: Portraiture, Landscape and Still Life
  • Primary Camera / Favorite Lens: Canon 7D; 17-40 mm L F4
  • Interesting Personal Fact: I am an adventure hobbyist and treasure seeker. I have spent a lot of time studying various rock formations as a child and continue searching for lost treasure while I am out photographing landscapes.

Find out more:

Short Bio -

I was born and raised in Utah and as I child I was always wondering off looking for new ways of seeing the world around me. My parents encouraged my adventurous personality by engaging me in my surroundings and bringing me to various destinations through the country. During school I had developed a much more in depth understanding of the importance of photography and art in general. My first photography teacher had shown me the true meaning of capturing, documenting and sharing the art of photography. While often being a heavy critic on my own work I still strive to find perfection in all of my photographs. I was published in "The Freefall Review" A quarterly magazine based out of California that encouraged the starving artists from around the country to share their passions with the world. I currently am studying photo journalism in an effort to be placed in situations that allows me to shed light on controversial issues and events.

While I still reside in Salt Lake City I am often on the road looking for those unique photographs of the way life moves around us. I am in the process of working on my first book that will highlight businesses throughout my travels. The book is scheduled to be released within the next 2-4 years as I continue capturing various people and events.

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